Order Books


1. These books are only free for prisoners.

2. The books will be sent directly from the Publisher’s Distribution Center. If this process will not meet the correctional facility’s rules for receiving books, please contact us with the appropriate process for that facility.

3. Please choose only one book for an inmate per month. If an inmate has multiple orders within the same month the orders will be cancelled.

4. If an inmate will not be at their present facility for more than 30 days, please wait till they are transferred before placing order.

5. If the inmate is incarcerated somewhere other than the United States, please contact us for ordering information.

6. Please click on the Add to Cart button below to continue with your book order.

The author’s other book, One Sin, One Solution will also be sent with each order.

Thank you for your interest in Free Prison Books! Due to concerns around COVID-19, we are not currently shipping items to inmates. Please check back to place your order once restrictions have been lifted.