Welcome to Free Prison Books

Welcome to the “You’re Never Going Back Prison Series”, and Thank You for being obedient to the Word of God. In Matthew 25:34-46, the Word of God reveals that we have a duty to minister to those in prison. You may never personally visit someone in prison or minister to someone there, but you can minister to them through one of these Christ-centered books. Tell a friend about this site and let’s flood the prisons with the Word of God!

The Assignment

The assignment for the “You’re Never Going Back Prison Series” is to produce Christ-centered books for prisoners, based upon the Word of God, that will assist them in growing in the things of God. Each book is written with prisoners in mind, but people not incarcerated have benefited from them as well, for they are simply the Word of God.

The words are slightly larger than normal in case there is a bad lighting condition.

Scriptures are written out word for word in case they do not have a Bible.

The books are easy to understand for those that have little to no education.

These books are not about prison life and will not discuss how not to be raped, how to avoid prison gangs, prison politics, the unwritten rules of prison life or how to protect your belongings. These may be important subjects, but they are not in the assignment the Lord has given to Pastor Frank.