June 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

A chaplain that is using our book for a Bible Study with juveniles sent us the following:

“This is the first Bible Study in a long time in which I have had juveniles consistently asking me for the book and when am I going to have another Bible Study. I have 6 pods, so I try to get to each twice a week and they want it more times than twice. They come ready for the Word and the practical advice that has been written and the truth of the real experience. Many have said, ‘I don’t want to come back, but no one explained how not to come back to jail, but this book explains how to be in Christ and never return.’ Many have asked me for copies to give to their family members and parents who have been in and out of the prison system. God bless and thank you so much, your work in this correctional ministry changes lives for Christ.”

Wow! Look at what God is doing and to just think it will only get better from here.

Also included, please find a copy of our first Bible Study that started in June 2017.

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Yours in Christ,

Pastor Frank M. Bafford Sr.